Children's clothing
Children's clothing
We are OPEN! Please come and visit us to see all our New Seasons Gorgeous Stock.

Shoe fitting is by appointment
please book your appointment online
Children's clothing
Children's clothing
Children's clothing
Children's clothing
Children's clothing
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1-1 appointment with our expert shoe fitter in our shop
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Welcome to Bob & Lulu's Childrens Boutique, a shop based in the West End of Aberdeen providing high quality independent children’s clothing and shoe brands in-store and online.
Children's clothing


Children's clothing


Children's clothing


Children's clothing

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Shoe Fitting Appointment Service

In Shop Shoe Fitting Available

1-1 appointment with our expert shoe fitter

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🌈 Our super popular Lelli Kelly school shoes are due to arrive any day!

Head over to our website to book your appointment for School Shoe fitting.

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S A L E - hands up those of you who like a bargain 🙋🏻‍♀️. Our summer SALE is in full swing. You can shop online or in-store, but be quick as our sale goodies are selling fast!

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SUNDAY - We are open today 13:00 - 16:00. Footwear fitting appointments are available.

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Introducing Bopy a new brand to bob&lulu this season. We pride ourselves in knowing where our stock comes from, and we love bopy’s story - it's worth the read 👇🏻.

The story of the Bopy brand began over 100 years ago, which was ignited by the passion of a man named Pierre Humeau. Ever since he was a young boy, he was interested in crafting shoes, and at 12 years old (Yup - only 12 years old 😳!) his mother allowed him to work for the local shoemaker in his village. It was the beginning of his dream.

In 1905, he set up his first workshop, bringing together some 20 craftsmen, all passionate about making quality shoes.

What was at first the humble passion of a little boy, has evolved into true know-how and a guarantee of quality and prestige. Bopy is considered to be the French trademark of specializing in children's footwear.

The Bopy family now has more than 450 employees whose involvement is transmitted from generation to generation, who all feel joy in seeing a smile on a child's face. 

It is a truly inspirational story of passion and old fashioned craftsmanship which has been passed down for generations.

The quality is amazing - and going by the speed you are buying these you love them as much as we do 💙!

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Happy Sunny Sunday 😎!

We are OPEN today from 13:00 - 16:00. We have footwear appointments available (book via our website - link in our bio).

No appointment is required to browse/shop 🛍️.

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It’s the weekend AND the sun is shining!! Check out our gorgeous brand rep, Lucy ready to enjoy the sunshine ☀️ in her gorgeous mayoral top & legging set.

We are OPEN today 10:00 - 16:00 and the Saturday dream team, Kirsty & Nicola is ready to greet you with a smile, so pop in past and get your children ready for summer 💕!

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We are SUPER excited to announce our Children’s Foot Health Clinic Collab with the lovely Amy of @amymacleanpodiatry

Do you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s feet? Are you unsure how often you should get your child’s feet checked for growth? Do you need clarification regarding the correct sole unit for your child’s stage/needs? Then this Clinic is for YOU!

When: Wednesday 9th of June.

Where: Bob&lulu, 32 Ashley Road, AB10 6RJ

Cost: FREE - Yip that’s right it’s FREE!!

To book in for your FREE 20 min consultation please email:

Please note that the clinic is by appointment only and we expect there to be a high demand, so book your slot NOW!

Your child’s feet are our Passion 💕.

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Sienna - bob&lulu’s ray of sunshine rocking her new legging set 💕!

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I am thrilled to be featured by @northeastnowabz in the Press & Journal & Evening Express today. You can read the full article at the link in our bio.

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WOW - what an amazing first week we have had!! Thank you for shopping local, supporting us and for all your lovely words about our shop and service. We are delighted to be back open and be soooo busy.

Our footwear fitting service remains by appointment. This is to keep everyone safe and save you from having to wait outside in the ever changeable Aberdeen weather! Our appointments are in HIGH DEMAND however I am sad to say that we have had a few “No Shows 😢...”

We understand that occasionally things “crop up” but we would really appreciate that if you no longer require your appointment you let us know at least 24hrs prior to your appointment. This allows us time to advertise and offer your appointment slot to someone else.

We really appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you soon.

Much love
Lisa & the team.x

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Our gorgeous brand rep, River, came to see us last week to get fitted for a new pair of cruisers 💙. River is standing for a few seconds by himself but still needs some support when taking steps, so cruisers are perfect for him to protect his toesies for when he is exploring outside.

Once River can walk around 15 steps unaided (no holding hands or furniture for support) he will be ready for his “first walkers.”

Please do get in touch if your unsure what is the best footwear for your child's stage. We are here to help ☺️.

We are OPEN today from 10:00 - 16:00, footwear fitting is by appointment. To book see the link in our bio.

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Bob, aka Bobalicous, Head of Shop Security turned 7 years old on Monday! We are going to celebrate this weekend by taking him to his favourite park with his bestie Lulu 🐶.

Speaking of the weekend, we have a couple of cancellations for footwear fitting appointments on Saturday - you can check availability & book via the link in our bio.

We are sooooo grateful for all the support we have received since re-opening on Monday, we really have re-opened with a bang💥 and we have loved seeing you all back in our shop!

Thank you all soooo much & we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Much love
Lisa & the team.x

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COME IN WE ARE OPEN!! - You have no idea how good it feels to say those words!! It has been a lonnng, stressful & at times very emotional few months.

I’m not going to lie, I even shed a few tears this morning at the thought of actually being able to re-open the doors to my ickle shop! I feel a strange mixture of joy, excitement as well as bit anxious about actually seeing PEOPLE!

I want to say a HUGE Thank You to YOU our lovely & loyal customers who have kept us going the last few months. Your support has been truly amazing and we value each and every one of you, and we can not wait to see you all soon!

Right, I’m off to re-apply my mascara..... ☺️

Much love
Lisa & the team 🥰.

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I love seeing boys in bright colours. Our handsome brand rep Thomas looks amazing in his mayoral jogger chinos & windbreaker 💙.

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CHILDREN NEED STURDY FOOTWEAR WITH LOTS OF SUPPORT - Oooooo this is one myth that I feel super passionate about!
In a nutshell - NO children do NOT, in fact wearing rigid footwear could hinder their feet development!

Hard soled shoes have no give. They cause the foot to move in unnatural ways putting strain on joints and other areas of the body.

The next time you are in the hunt for childrens footwear make sure the sole is made from good quality rubber that has movement. Bend the shoe and see if you can bend it where the ball of the foot would naturally be.

All the footwear brands that we stock have been rigorously biomechanically tested and we will never recommend footwear that is not suitable for your child's stage.

You only get one pair of feet - so treat them well!

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