Measure at home tips

★ Does their current footwear have removable insoles? If so, the easiest way to check is to take the insoles out of and have a look at the imprint on the sole. Please check both feet as some children have one foot larger than the other.

★ If no removable sole, have a feel round both feet when wearing the footwear at the top and gently press to see where the largest toe is and how much room there is. Tip is to ask your child to wiggle their feet so you can feel where to press. Please also check both feet and feel for the largest toe, taking into consideration that not all children’s longest toe is their big toe.

★ It’s also not just the length that children’s feet can grow, especially if your child has a broader foot. If you can no longer close the Velcro fastening completely or if your child is struggling to get their foot in the shoe then it’s time to size up.

Printable Measuring Guide

Start-rite have a paper gauge that you can print out then input the measurements and you will get the size and width of your child’s feet.

Please be mindful that the gauge measurements ONLY applies to start-rite shoes, therefore other brands such Ricossta, Geox, bobux ect will fit differently, as there really isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to shoes. However this will give us a starting point 😊.

Should you require any assistance please send us an email at or contact us via our Social media pages. We are here to help!

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